Physical Requirements

Each course is different and caters to different audiences. There are basic diving courses for those devoted to marine submersion. Although every dive course has a variety of learning, each propose the minimum age for participation in the course. In some courses, the minimum age is from 15 to 18 years.

Knowing how to swim is basic. You can not run without knowing walk. In this way, you can not go into the ocean, without knowing how to swim. On your dive course it is clear that the first thing you need to learn or demonstrate is knowing how to swim, so it is likely that in the course we will ask you to swim through certain distance of water freestyle.

In the dive course we will prepare you for breathing under water. Therefore, it is likely that as a measurement for the course, you will hold your breath for a  minimum amount of time, or in other words, travel the maximum distance underwater with a single breath that you can.

Learning expectations in each course
When you enroll in a dive course, you expect positive results. So in each course you will learn gradually,  practice will prepare you to  dive with all the safety in the open ocean. After the dive course you will clearly know the details of diving in your city or country.
Filling diving logs, licenses, etc., it must be something that you can not miss.
On your next course it is important to know every detail and features of diving equipment and materials to help you learn more directly of this underwater activity. Remember that the buddy system is what helps keep us safe in the ocean.

PADI Open Water course
Total Cost: $ 500 USD Includes, Books, Class instruction, pool training, 4 Ocean dives, final tests, and Certification. This certification is Recognized anywhere in the world to all scuba dive centers. 4 days for total  course.

PADI Advanced Open Water Course
$ 600 USD Includes everything 3 days for total course.

PADI Rescue Diver Course
Cost: $ 750 USD Includes everything 4 Days for total course.

New Certifications Available!

We’re offering this new Certifications, if you like to have an advanced training!!!

Master Scuba Diver
Rescue Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Adventure Diver
Open Water Diver
Scuba Diver
Seal Team
Discover Scuba Diving
Skin Diver
Discover Snorkeling
Emergency First Response Provider
Deep Diver
Search and Recovery Diver
Wreck Diver
AWARE-Fish Identification
Boat Diver
Digital Underwater Photographer
Drift Diver
Dry Suit Diver
Night Diver
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Underwater Navigator
Underwater Photographer
Underwater Videographer
AWARE-Coral Reef COnservation
Project AWARE Specialist
Emergency Oxygen Provider
Digital Underwater Photographer
Scuba Review